Daycare Negligence in Texas | What to Know

If your child was injured because of a negligent daycare, you may want to consider your legal options. Continue reading and give our legal team a call today to speak with our skilled Houston personal injury attorneys.

What is a daycare liability clause?

Most of the time, when registering your child in daycare, the daycare will try to get you to sign a daycare liability clause. The primary purpose of this clause is to get you to waive your right to seek legal action against the daycare if anything bad happens to your child. Keep in mind that you do not have to sign this clause, however, if you have already signed a clause and you think your child was injured because of the daycare’s negligence, there is a very high chance that you can still seek legal action against that daycare for your child’s right to compensation. As a result of this, these lawsuits are seldom easy to win, which is why you should retain the services of our skilled attorneys who can collect and show all the evidence required to meet the burden of proof.

What are the most common forms of daycare negligence?

Daycares have many responsibilities towards all who are registered in them. When they fail those responsibilities, people can become seriously injured as a result. Some of the most common causes of daycare injuries include the following:

  • Daycare staff leaves certain objects within reach of young children. For example, small objects, such as paperclips, pose a serious choking hazard to small children, which is why they should never be left unattended. Also, cleaning products, especially colored, sweet-smelling liquids, can have serious safety risks to small children too, who may misinterpret them for beverages.
  • Daycare staff failing to keep all playground equipment and toys often can result in injury, such as when playground equipment gets rusty or defective in some way.
  • Daycare staff fails to make sure that air, food, and water quality are all safe. Asbestos or mold in the air can be toxic, as can unclean drinking water. Also, in the age of COVID-19, daycares are responsible for regularly sanitizing and cleaning the premises to ensure they lower the chances of spreading the virus.

Furthermore, while no parent wishes to think about it, if you see your child losing weight, often coming home with bruises, or constantly complaining of hunger or thirst, there is a chance your child may be a victim of abuse. No matter what, if you think your child was injured due to a daycare’s negligence or abuse, our firm is on your side. Give us a call today.


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