What Can I Do to Document My Injuries After an Accident?

man strapped to gurney

When injured, you may assume the accident you endured is just an unfortunate circumstance. However, if another person’s negligence leads to your injuries, you may be entitled to compensation. As such, it is essential to document the injuries you sustain in an accident, which can help you receive proper compensation. Keep reading to learn how to get justice for your damages and how Houston personal injury attorneys can help you.

Why Do I Need to Document Injuries?

If you are injured, it’s imperative to document any injuries you sustain. Unfortunately, the negligent party will do everything possible to prove that the injuries you endured do not warrant compensation or were not the result of your accident. As such, having photographs, medical records, and additional information can help you prove the extent of your injuries.

What Steps Should I Take?

After you’re injured, you must ensure that you seek medical attention. This is because the defense may try to claim that you failed to mitigate damages by delaying medical treatment. As such, it’s in your best interest to contact emergency medical services to be seen by emergency medical technicians. If you believe you can wait to receive treatment, you should still schedule an appointment with your primary care provider as soon as possible.

Be sure to keep all documents you receive regarding treatment for your injuries. This includes but is not limited to, bills, lab reports, copies of medical imaging, and all relevant medical records.

You should also take photos and videos of the damages at the accident scene if you are physically able. This includes physical wounds like lacerations, burns, and bruises. You should also try to take photos of the scene as this can help corroborate the injuries you endured, such as damage to vehicles or the isle in the retail store where you were injured.

Finally, you’ll want to consider keeping a journal detailing your mental and physical state. Not only can this help you communicate what you’ve been feeling to your healthcare provider, but it can also provide insight into the pain and anguish you’re experiencing as a result of the accident.

Why Might I Need an Attorney?

If you’re taking the time to collect evidence, you should enlist an attorney to help you navigate the complex legal process. They can fight on your behalf to help you receive the justice and compensation you are entitled to. This includes non-economic damages like pain and suffering, which due to their subjective nature, can be hard to receive.

When you’ve been injured by a negligent party, it’s important to retain the assistance of an experienced attorney. At the Gonzalez Law Group, our dedicated personal injury lawyers can help you through this process to fight for the justice you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.