Who Can Face Liability for a Texas School Bus Accident?

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As a parent, the last thing you want is to discover that your child has been injured in a school bus accident on their way to school in the morning. Should this occur, you may not know how to proceed following the collision. If you’re not sure who can be held liable for any damages your child endures or what to do following the incident, you’ll need the assistance of a Houston auto accident lawyer to help you navigate this process. Keep reading to learn more about how to proceed.

What Parties May Be Held Liable for a School Bus Accident?

Unfortunately, school bus accidents are most often caused by driver negligence. Many drivers are looking to make extra money, and the flexibility of picking up students for school is a great way to do so. However, some bad drivers may slip through the cracks, and good drivers can make mistakes that cause accidents. Whether the driver of the bus is distracted, fatigued, or driving recklessly, accidents can occur.

If the driver is responsible for the collision, the school district that employs them may also be responsible. This is especially true when they fail to use the correct measures to vet drivers before employing them. For example, if the school district hires a driver with multiple tickets for speeding and a DWI charge, they can be liable for a hiring decision that endangered the lives of the students aboard the bus.

However, the district may also be liable if the bus is not maintained, which can lead to an accident This is because it is the responsibility of the district to maintain and repair any issues with their vehicles. So, if a driver is operating the vehicle safely and the worn-out brake line snaps, causing a collision, the school can be held responsible for the damages since they have the duty to maintain their vehicles.

If My Child Was Injured, What Should I Do?

When you discover that your child suffered injuries in a school bus accident, understanding the steps you must take is essential. Even if your child tells you they feel okay, it is imperative that they see a doctor as soon as possible. Unfortunately, some injuries do not present immediately, meaning your child could have whiplash or a concussion. Similarly, if they have injuries, ensuring they receive proper treatment is vital.

Once your child is seen by a medical professional, you’ll want to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. This is critical when pursuing compensation for damages, as they can help you file the lawsuit and represent you during the proceedings. Similarly, you should avoid speaking to administrators or school district board members without an attorney present. This includes signing any documents that have not been reviewed by your lawyer.

At the Gonzalez Law Group, we understand how terrifying it can be to hear that your child was involved in an accident. Our legal team will do everything possible to help hold the negligent party responsible while fighting for the compensation your family deserves.