Who Is Liable for Truck Rollover Accidents in Texas?

truck rollover accident

Car accidents are always scary. However, they can be even more harrowing when you’re involved in a collision with an 18-wheeler, as the size can make these accidents fatal. In some cases, if these vehicles roll over, they can cause catastrophic scenes. Understanding how truck rollover accidents occur and who can be held liable is essential to taking the proper steps to protect yourself. Keep reading to learn more and discover how a Houston truck accident lawyer can help you if you’ve sustained injuries.

How Do Truck Rollover Accidents Occur?

Unfortunately, there are a number of ways that truck rollover accidents can occur. Generally, driver error and negligence are leading factors that can cause an accident. From distracted driving to failure to adhere to the speed limit, drivers are often responsible. Typically, these factors cause drivers to miss exits or take turns too fast, leading to their trucks losing balance and rolling over.

However, this is not to suggest that only truckers can be responsible. The vehicle can have a production defect or design flaw that can lead to an accident. Similarly, the company responsible for loading cargo on a truck could lie about the weight of the load, which can lead to an accident as the truck could be over the weight limit.

Finally, other drivers can cause accidents when they cut off large trucks or swerve in front of them. Unfortunately, 18-wheelers are large and cannot stop as quickly or easily as a sedan. This means they could maneuver to try to avoid a collision, inadvertently causing a rollover.

How Is Liability Determined?

When looking at who will be held responsible, understanding the root cause of the accident can help you determine liability.

For example, if a truck driver falls asleep at the wheel which leads to a rollover, they will be held liable. However, if they were drowsy because their employer required them to work overtime without recording their driving hours, the company that hired the driver may also assume partial responsibility for the injuries caused, as they broke laws surrounding hours of service.

However, if a dashboard camera shows that another driver cut the truck off, the other driver whose actions caused the injuries would be held responsible.

Can an Attorney Help?

If you were injured as a result of a truck rollover accident, you don’t have to suffer in silence. Contacting a lawyer is essential to ensuring you have representation when filing a lawsuit against the negligent party responsible for your injuries.

When you need an attorney who will fight for you, the Gonzalez Law Group is here to help. We have the experience to fight against insurance adjusters to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.