Why Is Tailgating So Dangerous?

cars tailgating

While many may think of tailgating as a fun activity to engage in before sports games, it’s actually a dangerous form of driving. Not only can it easily lead to a rear-end collision, but it can lead to the other driver becoming nervous and making mistakes that cause accidents. If injured because of an aggressive driver, ensuring you reach out to a Houston auto accident lawyer is essential to getting the justice you deserve.

What Is Tailgating?

Tailgating, also called “riding someone’s bumper,” can be extremely dangerous, as it is the process of getting very close to another vehicle while traveling behind them. Drivers usually tailgate other cars that are traveling slower than the flow of traffic or if they are in the midst of experiencing road rage. Generally, this is a means of intimidation to try to pressure another driver into speeding up or getting out of their way.

Because of the lack of space between the cars, it can be nearly impossible for the driver following at an unsafe distance to stop should the driver in front of them break to avoid a hazard. This is why tailgating is a lead cause of rear-end collisions.

How Can I Avoid an Accident if Someone Is Tailgating Me?

If someone is tailgating you, the most important thing you must do is to stay focused on the road ahead. You cannot control what’s happening on the road behind you, so ensuring you are traveling safely regardless is crucial.

When traveling on a multi-lane highway, you should safely switch lanes to allow the other driver to pass. Be sure to use your blinker to indicate a lane switch and guarantee that there are no cars preventing you from switching lanes.

If you are on a single-lane road, it may not be as easy to allow the driver to pass. In this instance, you should wait until you approach a well-lit parking lot and turn into it to allow the other car to pass.

What Should I Do if I’m Injured in an Accident?

If injured in an accident as the result of an aggressive driver tailgating your car, there are steps you need to take to protect yourself. The other driver will likely be angry after causing an accident, so you should not talk to them until the police arrive on the scene.

You should also seek medical treatment for any injuries you sustain, as this is crucial to your health. This also helps to establish a clear record of medical care, which is beneficial for a lawsuit.

Finally, you’ll want to contact the Gonzalez Law Group to help get the justice you deserve at the hands of the negligent driver responsible for your injuries. Our dedicated legal team will do everything possible in order to help you receive compensation for the harm you sustained.