Common Myths Related to Personal Injury Claims in Texas

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There are several myths surrounding personal injury claims. To learn more, read below and give our firm a call today to speak with our experienced and dedicated Houston personal injury attorneys.

What are the most common myths regarding personal injury claims in Texas?

Myth 1: Personal injury lawsuits take a long time

There are several cases where people believe that a personal injury lawsuit takes years to get through. While it may feel like it takes this long because of all the paperwork and waiting to hear about the final results of your claim, if everything goes smoothly with each party involved, then it can be resolved in just a few months. In some cases, claims can take a long time to resolve, though it’s your attorney’s job to organize the important details of the case and push it through the court system as soon as possible so that you can receive your settlement.

Myth 2: Insurance won’t pay

After an accident, you will more than likely reach out to your insurance company to review the specifics of the accident and your injuries. You can also speak with your attorney to find out whether or not you should speak to the other party’s insurance company. In most cases, one insurance company will cover the costs of filing the claim or will pay for the remaining amount after you pay the deductible related to your policy.

Myth 3: The responsible party will pay for everything

You may think that the person responsible for your injuries will pay for all of the costs associated with your claim. However, this is only partially correct. This is why some people have reservations regarding filing in general, as they don’t think that they will get money from a settlement because of the person not having the money to disburse.
Oftentimes, the person’s insurance company will pay the settlement amount. The person liable will then have to pay higher monthly payments or premiums in order to make up for the insurance company paying the settlement amount. They will usually have to pay the deductible before the insurance company will pay anything, too.

Myth 4: Minor injuries aren’t worth filing a claim over

This is a very typical myth concerning personal injury cases. Even if you just have a few scrapes and bruises, you should still file a claim to receive compensation for your medical bills.
Your attorney can review the details of the accident to determine if you have a case and if it would be worth your time to file a claim, depending on the harshness of your injuries. If you didn’t go to the hospital or visit your doctor, then you might not need to file a claim, however, you can find out for sure by speaking with an experienced attorney.


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