How Common Are Drug-Related Car Accidents in Texas?

drug-related car accidents

Though you’ve seen the public service announcements deterring people from making the decision to drink and drive, there is not much attention paid to those who chose to use drugs before getting behind the wheel. This is extremely dangerous, as different drugs have various side effects, which can lead to severe injuries for the driver and others on the road. Understanding why drug-related car accidents are so dangerous and learning how a Houston car accident lawyer can help you get the justice you are entitled to is essential.

Why Are Drug-Related Car Accidents so Dangerous?

Unfortunately, over half of fatal accidents are due to a driver who consumed alcohol or drugs. Drugs inhibit a driver’s ability to operate a vehicle, leading to injuries and often fatalities.

Studies show that just under 17 million people admit to driving under the influence of drugs. It’s also essential to note that many drivers with drugs in their system will test positive for two or more substances. However, not all drivers are even aware that the substance they’re taking can impact them. For example, prescription drugs can have side effects, but because they’re obtained legally, many assume it is safe to get behind the wheel after taking the pill.

How Do Drugs Impair Driving Ability?

Drugs alter the brain and body, inhibiting the ability to drive. From impacting a person’s judgment to motor skills, taking drugs before driving is extremely dangerous.

Similarly, different drugs have different effects on the body. A depressant, like marijuana or opioids, works to slow down the body. This means the ability to react to hazards or maintain complete control of the vehicle is compromised. Stimulants, on the other hand, speed up the body’s functions. Drugs like cocaine or amphetamines cause the driver to engage in reckless behavior like speeding or aggressively weaving in and out of lanes around traffic.

What Should I Do if I Believe the Driver Responsible for an Injury is On Drugs?

When you are involved in an accident and believe the driver who crashed into you is on substances, taking the necessary steps to protect yourself is crucial. You should call the police, which allows you to report the accident and obtain a record of their file on the incident. It also allows the police to assess the condition of the other driver to determine if drugs were at play. You should also avoid interacting with the other driver until the police arrive, especially if they seem to have consumed stimulants which can make them enraged.

If injured due to a negligent party on drugs, the Gonzalez Law Group is here to help. Our dedicated legal team will examine your situation to help you achieve the justice you deserve. Contact us today to learn how we can help you.