Who Is Liable for Accidents Caused By Road Hazards?

construction barrier

In the best-case scenario, a hazard in the road is nothing more than a mild inconvenience that causes a slight build-up of traffic. However, this is not always the case, as these risks pose the threat of accidents that lead to serious harm. If you’re involved in an accident caused by road hazards, understanding how to proceed and pursue compensation from the liable party is vital. This blog explores what you must know and how a Houston auto accident lawyer can help you navigate this complex issue.

What Are Common Road Hazards?

There are a number of road hazards that can cause serious harm if not maneuvered properly.

Natural hazards like tree branches or build-ups of leaves, flooding, wild animals, dirt, or mud are often the most common road hazards. However, you may endure debris from nearby construction sites, such as loose material or equipment that sticks out in the road.

It’s vital to note that physical objects on the road aren’t the only kind of dangerous hazard. In some instances, the actual conditions of the street can lead to accidents. If there are missing signs, faded lines, potholes, or broken stoplights, these can also lead to collisions as they pose a threat to motorists.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

Determining liability in instances of road hazards can be tricky. In some cases, no one is to blame. For example, if a deer runs in front of a passing vehicle and the car cannot safely stop, it may cause a collision. In most instances, neither driver would be susceptible to blame as there was nothing either car could do to anticipate a deer, especially if both were obeying the speed limit and paying attention to the road.

However, if there is a hazard on the road and an approaching driver is not paying attention, hits the object, and causes a collision, they will be liable. This is because the driver is responsible for safely traveling on the road, including avoiding any present risks. Similarly, if a driver is speeding while it’s raining, causing them to hydroplane and hit another vehicle, they would face liability as their actions caused the collision.

In some instances, if an accident happens as the result of loose construction debris on the road, the company conducting the project and the entity responsible for hiring them may be liable. Similarly, if poor road conditions are to blame, the municipality responsible for maintaining the road can be liable.

If you’re injured due to a road hazard, ensuring hold you negligent party responsible for their actions is vital. Luckily, the Gonzalez Law Group is here to help. Our competent legal team is ready to assist with any issues you may have to fight for the compensation you’re entitled to. Contact us today to learn more.